Election of Council member

Council - a voice for members in the governance of Shared Interest.

Would you like to join the Council of Shared Interest?


Would you like to join the Council of Shared Interest?

If you would like to contribute to the Society's governance by being on Council, then you are invited to put yourself forward for election.  In accordance with the Society's rules, one non-random member of Council retires each year on the basis of rotation and we are holding elections for a member to sit on Council from March 2015. The maximum term of service is six years.

Council plays an important part in the governance of the Society. It reviews developments on behalf of members and can make suggestions to the Board/management or bring issues to the AGM.

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To stand, you must have been a member of the Society for more than a year, and be prepared to attend Council meetings three times a year (as well as the AGM). In addition, between formal meetings members conduct discussions by email on topics under review by Council.

Requests for more information should be sent to:

Tim Morgan, Company Secretary, at the Society's office or e-mail tim.morgan@shared-interest.com


Two members of Council will be happy to discuss Council membership with candidates.

 The closing date for applications is Sunday 14 September 2014