Investing in producers

  • Mpanga

    If you buy Cafédirect's One Cup tea, it is highly likely that you have already enjoyed the taste of Mpanga Fairtrade tea.

  • Acopagro

    ACOPAGRO is an established exporter of quality Fairtrade cacao. The co-op based in the San Martin region, was creatd in 1997 by a group of individual farmers.

  • Apicoop

    Apicoop was a project initially started by the Catholic Church in Chile to help the bee keepers of Valdivia, but Apicoop have operated independently since 1997. Apicoop provide help to the cooperative producers with hive management, sales and marketing, market access and exporting.

  • Raymisa

    Raymisa in Peru produces and exports high-quality crafts. They help producers find access to market. Their vision encompasses social responsibility, environmental awareness, and economic development.

  • Namayiana

    Namayiana means blessed in the Maasai language and was chosen as a fitting name by this all women group of handcraft producers based in the Ngong area of Kenya.

  • Gourmet Gardens

    Established in Uganda in 2002, Gourmet Gardens is looked upon as the largest supplier of Fairtrade vanilla in East Africa. Shared Interest provides Gourmet Gardens with a credit facility to manage cash flow during harvesting and processing season.

  • Candela

    Castañeros are brazil nut gatherers, who live along the Madre de Dios River in the Peruvian rainforest. This area is known for having the greatest diversity of plant and animal species on earth.

  • Cepibo

    CEPIBO is owned by 12 farmers' associations representing over 1,000 workers. Shared Interest is supporting them in their journey.

  • Andean Naturals

    Andean Naturals buys quinoa from small farms in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru and distributes it throughout North America. The organisation uses a Shared Inerterest credit facility to off the 4,000 farmers involved pre-harvest payments.