ACOPAGRO is an established exporter of quality Fairtrade cacao. The co-op based in the San Martin region, was creatd in 1997 by a group of individual farmers. Today ACOPAGRO has over 2,000 members in four different provinces and is the largest cocoa exporter in Peru.

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ACOPAGRO has diversified into other products and services like dried coconut, a reforestation and carbon capture program, and credir for members. However, cocoa still makes up 99% of their overall prodiction.

ACOPAGRO has been a customer of Shared Interest facility to pre-finance orders. The co-operative is a best practice model for the Alternative Development Programme in Peru and has received recognition in speciality markets for its quality cocoa. 

Our job is directly with the farmers, building their trust in us. The work with them involves a lot of responsibility but at the same time it provides great satisfaction. Previously the situation was very difficult. When we accessed the credit provided by Shared Interest we were wable to buy cocoa beans and as a consequence to help our farmers.