Raymisa in Peru produces and exports high-quality crafts. They help producers find access to market. Their vision encompasses social responsibility, environmental awareness, and economic development.

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Raymisa was founded with the purpose of promoting a socially responsible business that would improve the livelihoods of Peruvian craftsmen in the poorest areas of the country.

During the 90s, in order to respond to new buyers' requests Raymisa trained the producers to manufacture fashion-oriented products. This was the beginning of a learning curve of constant product development and training, which has been a key factor of success until the present day.

More recently, during 2010, they acquired a modern industrial machine to manufacture textiles, particularly oriented to tailor alpaca and cotton clothes. This equipment has helped to increase productivity and prepare new and better designs. On average, half of the total production is manufactured by Raymisa directly and the remaining half by the craftsmen.

Shared Interest provides Raymisa with a credit facility to pre-finance contracts. They also have a term loan which is used for the purchase of washing and filtering machines to improve the alpaca thread production.