Efigenia Encinas


Efigenia is a member of Suma KamaƱa, an association of women quinoa farmers, whose name means "to live well" in the ancient Aymara language of the Andes mountains.

USA-based quinoa buyer, Andean Naturals, believes strongly in empowering Bolivian farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture in the Andes, paying a premium for the quinoa it sources.  This helps Bolivian quinoa farmers like Efigenia to preserve their livelihood.

Efigenia and her community dream of a day when they will enjoy running water and electricity. Through our partnership with Andean Naturals, Shared Interest is able to help. We believe her dreams are deserving, and want to thank all of our investors and supporters in helping to fulfil them. Efigenia says:

"To all those who help our efforts, I say on behalf of all of us, Thank you from my heart."

You can watch our film about Andean Naturals here