Nouason ene Marona


Namayiana is a women's handcraft group. They came together over 20 years ago. For the most part, the women could not read or write, but wished to use the skills they had to care for their children and the community around them.

Starting with just 16 members, they have grown their membership to 112. They have used Shared Interest Society investment to finance their orders, and to attend international exhibitions to secure contracts. 

Nouason has worked with the group from the beginning and is now thier Chairperson. She said:

Investors bring a lot of growth and light to so many people's lives. They might not know, but a woman in Kenya is feeding and educating her children because of investors in Shared Interest Society. We have seen a lot of growth since we got connected to Shared Interest. It really is a blessing.

In Maasai, there is a saying - you need three stones for the fire to put a pot on so it balances. For Namayiana, Shared Interest is one stone, your customers are a second stone, and your members and volunteers are the third stone. What you are doing today is so important. 

You can watch our film about Namyiana here