Renaud Goirand


COCOPACK is a fair trade coconut producer based in Ivory Coast.  The organisation is a major employer in Grand Bassam, especially of women who make up more than 70% of the workforce.

A family initiative which has grown over the years, COCOPACK primarily produces coconuts for export. In 2014, in order to expand and strengthen their business relationship their buyer Agrofair introduced them to Fairtrade.

Renaud Goirand is a coconut producer and member of COCOPACK.  He said:

We are delighted to have received the loan from Shared Interest.  This will enable us to solve a number of challenges.  The loan will allow us to purchase a tractor, which will improve efficiency in the coconut plantation based nearly 200 miles away.  It will also help us upgrade our fruit processing plant and improve protective equipment for our workers.