Ambassador Stephen Thomas


Stephen has been a Shared Interest member for almost 20 years. Before this he spent time in Mozambique, Somalia and Angolia; all countries suffering from the aftermath of the civil war. Most recently Stephen worked for the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and was delighted to see Wales become the first official Fairtrade nation.

"After working for large aid organisations, both here and overseas, I felt that there was also something I could do financially. It seemed a natural step to become an investor with Shared Interest Society and I have remained an investor ever since. It remains a practical way to support communities in the developing world. I extended my commitment a couple of years ago by becoming an Ambassador.

When representing Shared Interest in and around Cardiff, it surprises me how many people say: 'I'm a Shared Interest investor too, you know.'

Well, I did not know prior to them confiding in me. Perhaps it is something we all should be more open about to grow support of Shared Interest and the fair trade movement as a whole."