Ambassador Tracy Mitchell

2014-05-09 10.15.08

Tracy Mitchell, age 44, lives in Lenzie.  She is married with one daughter, Kara.  

Tracy has been a Shared Interest investor since 1996 and became a volunteer a few years later.  In 2004, she applied for a post at Shared Interest as a project manager and carried out this role in Newcastle upon Tyne for four years. 

Moving her focus back to the Scottish fair trade in 2008, she left employment with Shared Interest but continued to be a committed volunteer.  Married by this time and living in Lenzie, Tracy began devoting a large part of her life to fair trade related projects.

Tracy now works voluntarily as an Ambassador for Shared Interest.   Her daughter Kara was born three years ago, and not only is she already a Shared Interest investor but she was able to recognise a Fairtrade mark and even spot it and say "Fairtrade" long before she was two!

As long as I can remember, I have been interested in environmental concerns and practical ways of helping others. I came across Shared Interest when a leaflet fell out of a magazine I subscribed to.

I was immediately inspired.  Here was an organisation that wasn't a charity and was simply asking me to invest some of my spare money with them until I needed it again.  While this investment was with Shared Interest, it would be used to support fair trade, which was now something I felt strongly about.

What a great idea, I thought - my money could be doing some good time and time again, and yet I can get it back if I need it.

Tracy Mitchell, Ambassador