Lighten The Load

You can help lighten the loadCepibo2

Open an ethical investment account with just £100, and we will loan and re-loan your investment to smallholder producers around the globe.

A Shared Interest loan helped banana producers, Cepibo, in Peru install a cableway so farmers no longer need to carry bananas on their backs to the packing plants. Banana farming is labour intensive, and smallholder farmers are struggling to make a living due to the low prices we pay in our shops. Opening a Shared Interest account helps provide fair finance to producers like Cepibo in some of the world's poorest countries as they trade their way out of poverty.

Read more about Cepibo or the other banana producers we invest in on our banana producer pages, or watch our film.

Please note that you have to be a UK resident to open a Share Account. Download an application form or call us on 0191 233 9102 to order your enquiry pack.