Candela celebrate 25 years

Long term customer Candela Perú produces Fairtrade Brazil nuts, Brazil nut oil and dried fruits. This year they celebrate their 25th Anniversary, and our Regional Development Executive Paul Sablich visited their headquarters in Puerto Maldonado town, South Eastern Jungle of Peru.  

Below, Paul talks to us about what he got up to on his visit and about the improvements Candela are making to their business. 

The First Stone

Puerto Maldonado received us with 36°C (although the actual sensation was easily 40°C.  At least 200 nut gatherers participated in the celebrations plus staff from the Lima premises and Board members. A football champion started the activities of the day. I have deep respect for the players as they played under the most intense sun and heat. Later, Gaston Vizcarra (President) and Lupe Lanao (Manager) made a tour of the processing areas. They have already installed a new and big cauldron as well as an electric dryer, which will increase their production capacity. They are currently installing a new transportation system to reduce time and processing costs. Their brand new peeling machine has been recently assembled in Lima city and will be later delivered to Puerto Maldonado. Besides that they have already built the ground base of the new building for the peeling area.

You can notice the sparkle of Gaston and Lupe's eyes when they were telling the visitors about their progress and plans.

Paul Sablich, Shared Interest Society

Candela has been able to carry out these investments thanks to our recent term loan and we have supported them in the past with finance for improving their production infrastructure and equipment in various occasions.

At The Center , The New Electric Dryer

During the official ceremony of the "first stone", unexpectedly Gastón asked me to do the formal proceedings by cutting a red ribbon that tied up the stone and was hanging from a wooden tripod. It was a great honor as these activities are made by the main person running the event.

This project would not have been possible without the support of Shared Interest and sent his greetings to all.

Gastón Vizcarra, President, Candela

We also visited a garden area where Candela are trying to promote the plant biodiversity of the Jungle. They have covered the garden roads with Brazil nuts shells and every step produced a cracking sound, surrounded by the pleasant smell of these nuts.  Later, we enjoyed a lunch together. It was noticeable the family environment of the event and how close Gastón and Lupe are with the staff and nut gatherers.

The weather was especially naughty. After the intense heat of the morning, in a matter of minutes the sky was covered with clouds. For a moment it was refreshing, although it started a very heavy wind that blew up the dried soil and we ate dust for a while. Needless to say, the clouds went dark and the Jungle rain began. All in one day!

I felt very proud that Candela is one of our customers and that Shared Interest has been a strategic partner in the evolution and growth of the organisation, having a direct positive impact in the nut gatherers.

Paul Sablich, Shared Interest Society