Fairtrade Fortnight Finale in Cumbria

I was delighted to see a Shared Interest account opened in the Cumbria region this week, and like to think that it could be counted as an action from the Take a Step for Fairtrade campaign….

Fairtrade Fortnight saw many individuals and partnerships in my area taking steps for Fairtrade.  As reported back in March, we shared celebrations with the Scottish Fair Trade Forum, the Sunderland Fairtrade Partnership, and the Sunderland Soroptimists.

The finale for me was a trip to the picturesque Lake District town of Ambleside for the Cumbria Fair Trade Network AGM, where Francis Chisuse was a guest representative of smallholder fair trade tea growers from Malawi.  

I encouraged people there to open a Shared Interest account as a possible Step for Fairtrade and was pleased to see this week that someone had been inspired.

If you are part of a fair trade group that would be interested in investing with us, please click here