My time with Shared Interest

My name is Hattie, and I am currently studying Business Management at the University Of Newcastle.

When choosing my optional modules in my second year at Newcastle I chose to go down the route of 'Career Development'.  This involved researching into several different organisations and spending a minimum of 70 hours with them over the course of the academic year.  I eventually joined as a volunteer with Shared Interest in September 2012.

My plan is to spend time in the Headquarters in Newcastle on a weekly basis, working on different projects and help plan/organise a fundraising event towards the beginning of next year.

Working as a volunteer is something I have wanted to do for a while, and so combining it with my university degree was a great way of incorporating it into my weekly routine. For me, working for an organisation like Shared Interest not only gives me the satisfaction of knowing I am part of a successful team offering support to those in developing countries, but also gives me the chance to improve some of my own skills and achieve my own personal goals.

Being a Business student I am particularly interested in the 'Business' side of Shared Interest. Working with the different departments on a weekly basis will give me a wider understanding of a real life organisation, and hopefully give me more confidence for when I enter the working world having completed my degree.  I am particularly excited to be doing something completely separate to my life in University, and look forward to getting to know different people. As well as working on the admin side of things with Shared Interest, I am excited to actually meet potential and existing investors through volunteering at events. Going out and talking about Shared Interest to others will also help improve my overall understanding of the organisation and hopefully encourage others to join.

I will be volunteering with Shared Interest for roughly eight months, and I look forward to telling you more about what I have been getting up to during my time with the team.