Thanking Scotland This World Fair Trade Day

On the eve of World Fair Trade Day 2012, the Shared Interest team travelled up to Edinburgh to meet with investors and their guests at the Royal College of Physicians.

Edinburgh Event Coffee Tasting

We wanted to thank our investors in the region personally for their continued support and also tell their guests a little more about what we do.

Director of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum Martin Rhodes gave an update on the nation's campaign for Fair Trade Status.

Scotland promises to be the second country in the world to gain Fair Trade Nation status, following in the footsteps of the Welsh Fair Trade Forum who announced their status in 2008.

Martin gave examples of some of their inspirational activities, such as schools hosting visits from fair trade producers from as far as Malawi and Uganda.

Our Managing Director Patricia Alexander stressed the effectiveness and importance of 'word of mouth' promotion as she thanked supporters in helping to promote Shared Interest in their own community.

Several people there have been involved with Shared Interest since the early nineties.  As a co-operative, I think we are lucky to have such a dedicated membership.  However, we are always looking to grow our number of investors so we can lend more money in the developing world.

Marketing and Relationships Manager Kerrey Baker thanked our volunteers (and Ambassadors) for the work they have done over the years.  Tracy, Stephen, Jan and Pat spoke to the audience about the Ambassador scheme and how people can invest their time as well as, or instead of, their spare money.

At lunchtime guests enjoyed browsing the busy fair trade marketplace with fair trade stalls and we were even treated to some coffee tasting, which created a bit of a buzz and debate amongst guests.

This was our very first supporter event in Edinburgh and, with our space at the venue at maximum capacity, we really enjoyed thanking these
dedicated followers of fair trade.