Growing Hope For A Better Future

Private enterprises create nine out of every ten jobs in developing countries. This is why we believe that providing support to develop and grow these enterprises is the best, and most sustainable way of fighting poverty.

Kabuboni 2

Since 2004 we have worked with marginalised women in Rwanda, handcraft producers in Swaziland, and agricultural businesses in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Through training programmes, mentoring opportunities and providing support to ensure businesses keep trading after suffering a natural disaster we have been able to help over 40,000 individuals to provide for themselves and their families in a positive and sustainable way.

To read about some of the individual businesses we have supported so far please go to the case studies section of the website.

To help enable us raise the money for our next project, and support 14,000 fair trade farmers trade their way out of poverty, please donate today.