Making a Difference

Millions of women across the world rely on their handcraft skills to achieve far more than simply the beautiful products they create... They are also making a living and building a future for their families.

Now you could make a genuine and lasting difference

70% of the world's poorest people are women.

In areas where there are no employment opportunities, women turn to traditional skills to enable them to earn a vital income to feed, clothe and educate their families.

However a lack of access to training and support can mean these incomes can be severely limited, leading to devestating consequences for the women and their families.

Shared Interest Foundation has been working with handcraft producers for almost ten years. We provide training and help establish in-country networks so there is ongoing and sustainable support for the hancraft producers and their families.

Read Del'sile's story to see how the training we provided opened up new opportunities for one woman and her family.

Or see how Baobab Batik created a business from an entirely new skill, which went on to support a whole community.

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£10 a Month

Could pay for a handcraft worker's journey to a training course and back

Could provide books, pens, paper and other training materials for a handcraft worker

Could support a handcraft worker through a training programme that will enable them to improve their livelihood