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Despite it's beauty, Swaziland continues to face a number of challenges to its development, which make earning a living a daily struggle for many families.

HIV/AIDS affects over a quarter of the Swazi population, and while there is access to medication, the levels of poverty mean that families can only afford one meal a day, which makes the medicine less effective.

Shared Inerest Foundation has been working with Swazi support network SWIFT over the past two years to increase employment opportunities within the established craft businesses in the country such as Baobab Batik.

We have also worked with individual entrepreneurs like Desl'sile. By providing training and development we have enabled them to increase their income, which in turn has meant that they can afford two meals a day. Something so small has such a big impact when affording two meals a day can mean life saving medication can work.

This project has been so important to the livelihoods of those involved, however it will soon end and we urgently need to develop a new project to continue on this good work and ensure that we can have an even greater impact in Swaziland.

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£10 a Month

Could pay for a handcraft worker's journey to a training course and back

Could provide books, pens, paper and other training materials for a handcraft worker

Could support a handcraft worker through a training programme that will enable them to improve their livelihood


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