Our Impact

Shared Interest Foundation has been working with businesses to help people to work their way out of poverty since 2004. Through several key projects we have achieved some amazing things.

  • We have provided support to over 10,000 individuals in developing communities
  • In Rwanda our training enabled producers to increase their income, allowing them to afford two meals a day. For those who suffered from HIV/AIDS, this meant that their life saving medication was able to work
  • In Swaziland we have registered 21 street traders as businesses
  • In South Africa 243 employees have directly benefitted from our training programme for handcraft producers
  • In Rwanda there has been an 85% improvement in school attendance rates in the communities we have supported
  • In Swaziland, 10 of the street traders we have registered are now at a point where they are ready to take on staff
  • Wehave been able to provide grants to businesses that have suffered an expected 'shocks' such as a hurricane, and allowed them to replace damaged equipment and continue trading as quickly as possible
  • In Ethiopia we have carried out training which has allowed coffee producers to understand better how to cope with climate change and start to make real changes in their practices
  • In Swaziland our training has allowed businesses to incease the wages of 2,553 workers, 98% of which are women