Malawi 1

At the end of 2014, Shared Interest Foundation were planning a project to start in Malawi early the following year. The project aimed to change the situation for smallholders in the country by tackling the challenge of accessing finance. Working with our partner, the Malawi Fairtrade Network (MFTN), we planned to deliver training to eight of their members (six tea and two sugar co-operatives), followed by mentoring within each individual co-operatives.

However the project was delayed, as in January 2015 Malawi saw the worst floods in the countries history. Some of the co-operatives due to participate were affected, with homes destroyed and entire crops washed away. Shared Interest Foundation were able to provide support through our Livelihood Security Fund to replant some of the lost crops. This helped to ensure that, not only where all the co-operatives able to continue trading, but they could also participate and benefit from the training programme.

We continue to work with MFTN in Malawi, to help develop the skills and capacity of fair trade co-operatives across the country.