Investor Case Studies

  • Investor Ben Quashie

    Ben Quashie, aged 67, is married with three children. Ben is a Shared Interest Society Ambassador, as well as an investor.

  • Group Investor Daily Bread

    Daily Bread is an ethical wholefood co-operative, with stores in Northampton and Cambridge, selling a range of organic and Fairtrade products. They are a group investor of Shared Interest.

  • Investor David Archer

    David Archer lives in the North East and has been an investor with Shared Interest for fifteen years.

  • Investor Rod Thick

    Rod Thick, 67, is married with two grown up daughters and has been a Shared Interest member for over 20 years.

  • Investor Christine Lloyd

    For the past few years she has deposited the money made from the sale of her eggs into a Share Account.