Group Investor Daily Bread


Daily Bread is an ethical wholefood co-operative, with stores in Northampton and Cambridge, selling a range of organic and Fairtrade products. Staff at the Northampton store opened a group Share Account in 2009. John Clarke, one of the longest serving members of the co-operative, suggested the group make the investment.

I took the idea to one of our weekly meetings. Fair trade is at the heart of Daily Bread, and a Shared Interest Society account seemed to fit with everything that is important to us.

Daily Bread values the principles of fair trade and has been selling fair trade products for over 20 years. Engagement Manager, Sally Reith, met with the group soon after they opened their account, and spoke about the impact their investment would have on fair trade producers, many of whose products are sold in their shop.

For Daily Bread, it is important that their money is used to support trade, and that it is invested in projects in developing countries.

John said: "Rather than make a one-off donation, we were excited to invest our money for the use of producers in developing countries, and for it to go on providing support as it is repaid and reinvested."

Watch our investor film here.