Investor David Archer


David Archer lives in the North East and has been an investor with Shared Interest for fifteen years. David spent many years working on rural development projects in countries overseas. He worked for some time in India, Pakistan, Bosnia, and Kosovo, as well as Zambia, Malawi, and Kenya. In the UK, David spent twenty years with Northumbrian Water and the National Rivers Authority.

My former colleague at Northumbrian Water was involved with Shared Interest Society. I met him one day by chance, and he told me all about Share Accounts. I was immediately hooked.

David has a particular interest in Africa, where he spent seven years, he said: "I learned a lot from my experience there, and owe it to the inhabitants to pay back some of my debt. I am also aware of the difficulties under which development agencies and the local population strain to improve their conditions in some parts of the world. The divide between our plenty and the frugality of others elsewhere is hard to ignore."

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