Welcome to Shared Interest's eleventh social accounts report, covering the 12 months to 31 September 2015.

Welcome to Shared Interest's eleventh Social Accounts and the first since I became Chair. This report covers 12 months from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015. 

Shared Interest's 25th year has been full of achievement. Not only have we surpassed our target of reaching £33m in Share Capital, but our lending has also continued to increase. With customers across the globe, we have recruited additional staff overseas to support our regional managers and also have a regional manager and regional representatives here in our Newcastle office, responsible for customers in Europe, North America, Asia and Pacific Rim.

Shortlisted for 13 awards this year and winner of the prestigious Third Sector Award in the Enterprise category, we can be sure that this commemorative year has reflected the progress made since our inception in 1990.

Shared Interest Foundation has continued to help small and medium sized businesses in the developing world to create jobs and increase incomes in disadvantaged communities. Our evaluation of the Access to Finance project has seen our charity more than double its target in helping businesses benefit from over £2.5m of finance. This means that 31,260 members of 24 organisations will see improved trading opportunities, new equipment and product diversification opportunities.

It is a pleasure to introduce a set of Social Accounts that detail the real impact behind our activities. We hope you enjoy reading this report, and welcome any feedback. Please email any comments to membership@shared-interest.com


Mary Coyle MBE, Chair