Membership and share capital

Shared Interest Society is owned and controlled by its members. Our membership mostly comprises individuals but also includes a growing number of faith groups, fair trade partnerships, businesses, schools and community organisations. We also have a range of volunteers, not all of whom are members.

Shared Interest Society has also established a registered charity, Shared Interest Foundation, which is funded by donations and grants.

Here, we explain how we engage with our members and donors, share what we know about their satisfaction with our work, and how we are growing our supporter base further.

By the end of September we had 9,232 Share Accounts. Of these, 7,540 were held by individuals and 1,692 are held jointly.

Share Accounts closed in the year totalled 246, but overall we saw a net increase of 187 accounts.

Alongside the increase in members, we significantly increased investment with a closing Share Capital total of £36.4m, a net increase of £3.1m.

You can read more about our Membership and Share Capital in Social Accounts.