Our Films

  • 25 Years of Ethical Investment

    Shared Interest Society are celebrating 25 years of ethical investment. Watch our film showcasing our highlights over the years.

  • Acopagro

    ACOPAGRO has been a customer of Shared Interest facility to pre-finance orders and as a consequence help the farmers.

  • Namayiana

    Namayiana means blessed in the Maasai language and was chosen as a fitting name by this all women group of handcraft producers.

  • Andean Naturals

    Andean Naturals buys quinoa from small farms in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru and distributes it throughout North America.

  • Queens Award 2013

    In 2013 Shared Interest received the Queens Award for Enterprise for the second time.

  • Mpanga

    If you buy Cafédirect's One Cup tea, it is highly likely that you have already enjoyed the taste of Mpanga Fairtrade tea.


    Mexican coffee co-operative, CESMACH is made up of smallholder coffee farmers based in Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico.

  • Cepibo

    CEPIBO is a banana co-operative owned by 12 farmers' associations representing over 1,000 workers.

  • Salom

    Salom makes sisal woven baskets and handcrafted jewellery, helping transform lives of producers in Kisii district, Eastern and the Coast provinces of Kenya.

  • Candela

    Candela works with nearly 300 Brazil nut gatherers (castañeros) and their families who live along the Madre de Dios river.

  • Investor

    If you are a UK resident over the age of 16 and you want to do amazing things with your money, then a Shared Interest Share Account will appeal to you.