Buyer lending products

Buyer pre-financing credit facility

Fair trade buyers often want, or are required, to provide producer groups with pre-finance when placing an order.  However, buyers can find themselves struggling to provide sufficient pre-finance from their own cash reserves.  We assist by offering fair trade buyers a facility which can be used to pre-finance orders with their producers.  In addition a buyer can also benefit from a further credit period after the order is received enabling them to sell their product and receive an income prior to repayment of the amount borrowed.

Shop loans

Shop loans are specifically designed for retailers of fair trade products.  They enable a business to finance their fair trade stock purchases, with repayment in an agreed period.  We agree the loan amount in consultation with each applicant.

Term loans

We provide loans generally for the purchase of assets and working capital.  Borrowing is for between one and five years and repayments are set depending upon the circumstances of the buyer.  Loan sizes are determined by the financial situation of the buyer and their ability to repay the loan.