Lending services

Payment and transaction reports

We email to each producer group a report showing the details of the payment being requested by the buyer. Once the payment is made we send confirmation to the producer group that the funds have gone with several reference numbers provided by our bank.

Payment queries

Occasionally the funds do not reach the intended beneficiary.  If this happens our Lending Team works swiftly to recover the missing funds and resolve the issue, keeping the producer and buyer fully informed.

Membership payments

We are often contacted by producer groups who are required to pay membership fees (eg, to WFTO or FLO) but experience trouble and huge expense in sending the funds. They therefore contact us requesting to split a payment due to them and have Shared Interest make the payment on their behalf.

Reconciliation of accounts

Some producer groups with a high volume of transactions can occasionally have difficulty maintaining records of all of their accounts. If required we will send them details of all of the payments that have been made to them in a given period of time.