Producer: Handcrafts

Location: Peru

Allpa is a handcraft organisation in Peru that takes its name from a Quechua Indian word meaning 'earth'.


The organisation came into fruition in 1986. Thirty years later, it employs 27 people and benefis hundreds of handcraft producers throughout Peru, providing marketing assistance, technical help, skills training and tools.

Allpa works with families located in various parts of Peru, including the Shipibo people living in the Amazon rainforest area of Pucalepa, where craft production is one of the few sources of income.

With artisans specialising in jewellery, textiles, ceramics, and wood, Allpa has benefited from an export credit facility from Shared Interest since 2014. As less than 10% of their sales are local, this is a vital facility for the organisation.

Included in Allpa's list of buyers are Ten Thousand Villages, Traidcraft, and SERVV; all of which are Shared Interest customers.

Artisans selling under the Allpa name are considered luxury designers, constantly developing new and cutting-edge styles. In return for this expertise, Allpa provides access to the international market providing producers with a reliable source of income.

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