Mambo Coffee

Producer: Coffee

Location: Kenya

Taking its name from the Swahili slang for "what's up?", Mambo Coffee is a wholesaler of specialty grade blended coffee.

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They say that the reason behind the brand name is that young farmers in East Africa greet each other with this simple word in the morning before beginning the harvest.

Mambo explain: "In the beginning, we built a little espresso bar to showcase our coffee blends to our wholesale customers. Word of mouth quickly spread through the area, and soon our little space was so crowded every morning with customers we had to move to a bigger location."

According to Mambo, their coffee roasters have "honed their craft to create four blends of Mambo Coffee to suit every palate."

A Master Roaster travels extensively to different coffee regions. He looks for farms that grow coffee in an organic and sustainable way.

However, the coffee beans must also produce excellent flavour once they are roasted to pass the stringent quality test.

Based now at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mambo Coffee is now run by a team of 80 staff They will use their Shared Interest loan to buy a processing machine and build a sorting shed. This will help increase productivity and boost sales so that coffee farmers are able to increase their income.