Mata Traders

Buyer: Handcrafts

Location: USA

The fashion industry has hit the headlines many times recently because of its complex supply chain and lack of traceability.

Mata Artisan4

Not all clothing brands put morals before margin, but Mata Traders is one of those determined to put ethics first.

Working with member-owned women's co-operatives and artisan groups that follow fair trade principles, Mata Traders has been a Shared Interest customer since 2010.

By bringing traditional fabrics to a global audience, they support the family businesses of weavers and block printers throughout India and Nepal whose livelihoods have been threatened by the shift of textile production to the factory. Mata Traders also ensures that its suppliers provide benefits such as paid sick-leave, access to health insurance, bi-annual medical check-ups, on-site childcare, paid maternity leave, overtime pay, literacy and computer training.

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