Producer: Shea butter

Location: Bukina Fasp

UGF/CDN (Union des Groupements Feminins Ce Dwane Nyee) is a shea butter co-operative located in Reo, Burkina Faso. The women-led association was established 25 years ago, with a vision to build female solidarity to fight injustice through the production and processing of agricultural and forest products.


The group used to be called Ce Dwane Nyee (CDN), which means 'the union is strength' in Lyélé national language.

In 2000, CDN changed its name and today there are 44 groups within the association. Of its 3,315 members, only 175 are male. Sonia Ouédraogo leads the organisation as Board Chair.

One of UGF/CDN's main trade customers is the well-known global beauty product retailer, L'OCCITANE Group. L'OCCITANE is committed to using traceable ingredients produced with respect for the environment. In order to increase their supply of shea nuts, UGF/CDN approached Shared Interest to finance a new truck, make improvements to their processing equipment, and purchase additional equipment including two roasters and an electric washer.

Although these changes sound fairly small, the impact on the organisation has been significant, particularly in terms of productivity. In 2015, they employed 128 additional workers due to the increase in the volume of their orders.

You can read more about UGF/CDN in our newsletter here.