Aurelsa, gold, Peru (producer)

For many, the reality is working in dangerous surroundings where the extraction process poses serious health risks. As the gold miners are right at the bottom of the supply chain, they are offered very little for what they extract, although the final product can sell for a small fortune.

Aurelsa is a private company looking to change that. Acting co-operatively, this organisation is located in the Ayachucho region nestled in the central mountains of Peru. They will use a Shared Interest lending facility to buy equipment for mineral extraction and gold processing, which will improve productivity and subsequently their capacity.

The impact

The Shared Interest loan is vital for Aurelsa as they have reached a maximum production capacity of 2.5kg of gold per month and are unable to continue growing unless major production investments are implemented.

Looking beyond the glitz of gold

Aurelsa manages its operations in accordance with both Fairtrade and FairMined (FM) certifications and complies with the Peruvian mining law, being audited twice per year by the Regional Government. The processing plant has been built away from the community in order to reduce potential health and safety issues. The surrounding area is barren; no animals graze there and no crops are grown there in order to avoid possible contamination. There are also no rivers or water springs nearby.

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