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Building sustainable support for fair trade businesses

This year, we concluded our four-year Comic Relief funded project delivered in partnership with Swaziland International Fair Trade (SWIFT). This project contributed towards alleviating poverty and social deprivation in Eswatini through supporting the development of enterprises, strengthening businesses and the creation of sustainable employment opportunities. 

In Malawi, we supported five producer groups to understand how their farming methods affect their crop and the future of their business. Through a programme of training, mentoring, and workshops on good agricultural practices, we helped farmers to increase their sales and their sustainability. 

In Eswatini, we worked with our partner Swaziland International Fair Trade (SWIFT) to support 100 women selling their handcrafts at a city bus station. By providing training in product design, customer service, and pricing, we have helped the group to diversify their products and increase sales. 

In East Africa, we trained 20 co-operatives in financial management and supported them through our mentoring programme to improve their financial management systems for effective running of their businesses. 

In September 2018, we launched Bees for Business, implemented in partnership with Platforme Nationale du Commerce Equitable (PNCEB), the Burkina Faso National Fair Trade Network.

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