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Diversification of our lending

The types of products our lending supports have continued to diversify and this has helped us reach mCoffee remains our largest exposure, mainly due to the scale of Fairtrade coffee production with more than half of all Fairtrade certified producers growing this commodity. The total lending for coffee has increased from 38% in 2018 to 44% in 2019. 

Handcraft and textile products continue to have an important place in our lending as we maintain our focus on the small and disadvantaged. 15% of our lending went to these producers compared to 10% in 2018. We believe our lending is important to these groups because the majority of other social lenders do not offer financing to this sector as they only provide facilities over 500,000 US Dollars.


You can download the Appendix for Aim 1 using the links below:

1. Directors Report and Accounts for the Society

2. Shared Interest Foundation Accounts

3. Rural and Agricultural Finance ~ State of the Sector

Appendix 4 Producer Survey Statements.pdf

Appendix 5 Explanation of our lending products.docx

Appendix 6 CSAF_State_of_Sector_2019.pdf

Appendix 7 Country Lending Risk and Analysis of Producer Lending.pdf

Appendix 8 Coface report.pdf

Appendix 9 Impact Survey.pdf

Appendix 10 Longitudinal Case Study of Prodecoop.pdf 

Appendix 11 Longitudinal case study of UGF-CDN.pdf


You can view the full version of our Impact Report here. 

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