Aim 2


Our investors, donors and volunteers

In total, there are 10,994 individuals named on Share Accounts. Our membership demographic remains consistent; the average age of a member remains at 63 and the average length of time a member holds a Share Account is 13 years.

Our communication

This year we were shortlisted for 14 awards and published the 100th edition of our newsletter.

Our resources

In our 2014 Strategic Review we reaffirmed our commitment to keep members at our heart and so streamlined our AGM to a morning-only session with no overseas staff or producers present.

Valuing our volunteers

This year, our 71 volunteers were involved with 70 awareness-raising events, delivering presentations and running stalls.

Our partnerships

This year we defined further what partners mean to Shared Interest and have categorised them according to each unique relationship involving mutuality, shared values and expected outcomes.