Encourage staff talent and commitment in an environment of mutual respect

Staff numbers remained at 37 this year, as one new employee joined the team at our UK head office, and one person left. 

There has been a reduction in overall training costs due to some of the courses, particularly those leading to a qualification (which are more expensive), commencing during the last financial year and payment being made at that time. 

This year, we used the Insights personal development model for team building involving UK and overseas staff. The aim of this technique is to improve understanding of colleagues’ communication preferences according to their personality type.

We moved our headquarters in January 2016 to a more compact base in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, remaining close to public transport links. Due to the reduction in space, we took the opportunity to digitalise membership and lending records. Improved technical facilities in our new office have enabled us to hold virtual meetings via Skype between staff and stakeholders here and offsite. Subsequently, we now hold update sessions where all staff are present, including those overseas. Middle Managers worked with staff to inspire a positive working culture. Positive statements were created in line with this, and copies of these are displayed on the office walls.

We carry out an annual staff engagement survey. Having used the same People Gauge online survey as last year, it was helpful in comparing results. This year showed that 34% of staff are actively engaged (33% last year), 64% engaged (64% last year).

You can view the full version of our Impact Report here

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