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Improvement in the livelihood of people as they trade their way out of poverty.

Our long term goal is to contribute towards the improvement in the livelihood of people as they trade their way out of poverty. In addition to our aforementioned Social Impact Survey, we also carried out three longitudinal case studies to understand how our lending impacts producers and their communities. We used surveys, interviews, and group discussions to gather data and reviewed all available documentation including financial reports, annual reviews, funding proposals and visit reports.


NECAAYO (Nouvelle Enterprise Cooperatives Agricole Anouanze D’Oupoyo) was formed in 2009 by a group of smallholder farmers in the Bas-Sassandra region to the south west of Côte d’Ivoire. They established themselves as a co-operative with 245 members a year later, with the vision of producing high quality cocoa that they could sell locally and internationally for a fair price, instead of being at the mercy of in-country buyers.

NECAAYO Coffee Farmer, Kouami Vincent

Vincent is married with 11 children. He left school early as his parents were unable to fund his education. When old enough, he took ownership of their cocoa farm. 

Before he joined NECAAYO, Vincent was unable to transport his cocoa to sell in nearby towns so was forced to sell to intermediary buyers at a low price. As a result, he struggled to meet the livelihood needs of his family; three of his children dropped out of school due to financial difficulties. 

On a number of occasions, Vincent had no other choice than to offer part of his farm as collateral for small loans to cater for the needs of households. He said the situation has changed since joining NECAAYO. 

He stated: “NECAAYO provides us with a reliable market for our cocoa. They pay a fair price and give me pre-harvest loans. They also give me a loan at the start of the school year and I am able to send my children to school without any difficulty. All my other children are now in school because of the support from NECAAYO. I no longer give out my farm as a collateral for loans; I feed well my family and everybody is happy.”

You can read the full case study here Appendix 10 Longitudinal Case Study - NECAAYO.pdf


You can read the full case study here Appendix 11 Longitudinal Case Study - COCAGI.pdf


You can read the full case study here Appendix 12 Longitudinal Case Study - CAPUCAS.pdf

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