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Stronger, more resilient and sustainable businesses.

Growth in tailored lending

As a provider of finance under fair terms, we work with producers and buyers through times of hardship. This year, some customers fell into arrears with their short term lending facilities. We provided Term Loans to a 19 Appendix 3: Description of Lending Products number of these customers as a form of debt consolidation as it was identified that more than one season/harvest was needed to recover from the setback.

This year, we offered four different lending products to our customers, enabling them to meet their financial needs. These include Term Loans, Stock Facility Export Credit and Buyer Credit. Forty percent of our lending was provided in the form of Export Credit and 10% was Buyer Credit.

Increase in trading opportunities

This year, we received payments from 36 commercial buyers, compared to 24 last year. This is due to existing customers securing contracts with new buyers, as well as new customers joining us, also bringing new buyers. 

Our customers in South America, West Africa and in the Northern Hemisphere and Pacific Rim reported increases in sales. The largest increases were seen with customers in UK, USA and West Africa, mostly in Côte d’Ivoire (cocoa producers).

This year, overall sales made by customers across our portfolio stand at £805m in 2020 compared to £779m in 2019. Furthermore, 147 customers (73%) made a profit this year.

The majority (98%) of Social Impact Survey respondents stated that they have seen an increase in their sales over the past 12 months, and 56% indicated that the increase was due to better access to finance.

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