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Our team

Retaining positive and engaged people is significant in Shared Interest’s continued growth and success. Thirty three per cent of the team has been with the organisation four years or less and 28% between five and nine years. Whilst 36% of the team
has been with us between 10 and 19 years. In May, after 22 years with Shared Interest, our longest serving team member retired. 

The number of absence days due to sickness has increased this year and stands at 296 days or 3.24% of working days, compared to last year’s figures of 271.5 or 2.75%. 

Training: The pandemic has continued to have an impact on training and development. Overall training costs have reduced considerably as all sessions were undertaken online. This also meant that we saw a reduction in internal costs and hours spent on training. In addition, we have recruited fewer new colleagues this year, so induction-training costs have fallen.

Internal communication: In line with government guidelines, we continued to work remotely this year but also made plans for our return to the office. To help inform these plans we used a combination of surveys and questionnaires to gain feedback on how team members were feeling and used the information to establish what we could do to support them. Monthly meetings began to take place, involving representatives from each region. Named our ‘Return to Work Committee’, this group has gathered feedback from each team as we devised a new hybrid working system ready for rollout in October 2021.  

Wellbeing, social events and culture: We have continued to promote health and wellbeing with various initiatives. This year the Health & Safety Committee held their annual presentation on identifying and managing stress and anxiety. This included tips on
coping strategies and maintaining positive lifestyle choices such as healthy eating and exercise. 

Benefits and salary: Salaries are reviewed annually with the cost of living, individual performance, and a benchmarking exercise
considered as part of the process. A comparison of the highest against the lowest UK salary provides a ratio of 3.9 to 1. Shared Interest aims to provide job satisfaction by offering interesting and varied work combined with generous and flexible benefits.

Keeping connected survey: We have continued to maintain a strong focus on positive engagement, which has proved even more important following the ongoing impact of Covid-19. 

You can read the full Social Accounts document here.

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