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Length of service: Retaining positive and engaged people is important in Shared Interest’s continued growth and success. The diagram below shows that 33.5% of the team have been with the organisation four years or less and the same percentage between five and nine years. Whilst 28% of the team has been with us between 10 and 19 years, 5% have been with Shared Interest for more than 20 years. One team member celebrated their 20th year with the organisation in September 2020.

Training: The pandemic has had a major effect on training and development this year. Overall training costs have reduced considerably as some sessions were cancelled or moved online. This also meant that we saw a reduction in internal costs and hours spent on training.

Internal communication: We continue to maintain a strong focus on positive engagement and this has proved even more vital following the impact of Covid-19. Prior to the pandemic, the vast majority of our colleagues worked within an office environment. Since March, everyone has been working remotely and Shared Interest has offered support to assist with this transition.

Wellbeing, social events and culture: Prior to the crisis, we continued to promote health and wellbeing with various initiatives. At Christmas, we again collected items for our local foodbank. We had fruit delivered to the UK office on a monthly basis. In January, a nutritional therapist gave a presentation to the team on how to boost the immune function through nutrition and we had planned to hold further sessions before the pandemic. During the time we have been working from home, we have continued to share wellbeing ideas and initiatives to help with the extended period of home working. We have designed a combination of surveys, questionnaires, and initiatives to ensure we are aware of the impact of the crisis on our colleagues and their wellbeing, and to ensure that wherever possible, we can provide the relevant support and equipment.

Benefits and salary: Salaries are reviewed annually with the cost of living, individual performance, and a benchmarking exercise considered as part of the process. A comparison of the highest against the lowest salary provides a ratio of 3.9 to 1. Shared Interest aims to provide job satisfaction by offering interesting and varied work combined with generous and flexible benefits.

Keeping connected survey: Over recent years, we have worked with an external company to carry out an engagement survey, using their online survey and analysis tools. However, this year due to lockdown, we chose to do something different and instead ran an online survey specific to the current situation to help us understand how colleagues were feeling, and managing with the ongoing remote working conditions. This also helped to identify if there was anything we could do to help during this situation.

Working from home survey: We asked colleagues to complete a further short survey about the experience of working from home. This included questions to help us determine if there was anything else we could do to make it easier and, where possible, make improvements. We had a 97% response rate and the results demonstrate the continued commitment to the organisation and the work we do.

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