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Our volunteers

We have been supported by 96 volunteers this year, who were active in one or more of six volunteer roles we currently have (see Appendix 15) or, they are a member of Council. Over the year, we welcomed five new volunteers and said thank you to eight volunteers who left their roles with us. 

With the impact of the pandemic still being felt, especially in relation to events usually attended by Ambassadors and Community Supporters, volunteers turned their hands to different activities where opportunities arose. This included data entry tasks
connected to our Member Survey and baseline data entry for Shared Interest Foundation. We have also appreciated the assistance of our translator volunteers this year, providing translations for customer surveys, customer interviews and communication materials.

The increased use of virtual communication also provided an opportunity to bring our biannual Volunteer Festival online (the first was held in Newcastle in 2019). This event was originally designed for volunteers to meet together and engage with the Shared Interest UK team. This year, we were able to involve colleagues from regional offices and welcomed 26 attendees (19 volunteers and six staff) to the six different events we held over the two-day festival.  

"Sessions were interesting and well-presented with time for participants to contribute."

"The speaker was fabulous.”

"The sessions were well planned and interesting." 

Building on their interest in environmental issues, we dedicated a tree in The National Forest to each of our volunteers to mark Volunteers’ Week 2021.  

We also publicly thanked our volunteers with the creation of an animated image to share during our Volunteers’ Week social media campaign featuring Shared Interest mascots Super Avo and Captain Cocoa. 

You can read the full Social Accounts document here.

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