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Environmental stewardship

Our Environmental Team raises awareness of ecofriendly initiatives in the workplace and we continued to recycle paper, plastics, and glass. The entire Shared Interest team has been working from home since March, and we have encouraged colleagues to continue being mindful of how we use resources. In terms of our membership, we have promoted online Share Account management where possible, and the number of individuals using the secure portal has increased further due to the impact of Covid-19. 

Carbon offsetting: The Environmental Team is also responsible for awarding our Carbon Offset Fund, usually to environmental projects linked to our work. We use the Climate Care website and carbon calculator to determine an appropriate offset. This year, the offset figure is £236.61, compared to £674.56 last year. We rolled over previous sums to fund this year’s water management project in Nicaragua. We believe that this project is in line with SDG 6, which addresses ‘water’ in terms of the environment (water quality, restoration of ecosystems), social (access to safe drinking water) and economic aspects (water-use efficiency across all sectors).

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