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Fanteakwa, cocoa, Ghana (producer)

Cocoa yield in Ghana has been falling over the past two years, due to fungus diseases attacking old cocoa trees. Illegal gold mining is also responsible for rapid deforestation, which affects the yield of cocoa farms. Fanteakwa is addressing these issues with a project to help young farmers expand their crops. The project is expected to attract more youth into cocoa farming and discourage illegal gold-mining in their communities.

Fanteakwa is a major development partner in their district. Since inception, they have provided the following social amenities to their community:

  • • A water tank to provide fresh drinking water.
  • • One block of three classrooms and office for the Saamang society.
  • • Free farm maintenance equipment.
  • • Free training for the members in good agricultural practices.
  • • Surveillance groups against illegal gold miners.

Fanteakwa Manager, Mark Obese, said:

“The Shared Interest loan has enabled us to buy our first truck and very soon we will be earning additional income from it."


The co-operative has created new jobs, improved the quality of cocoa and increased income for farmers by up to 20%. They have also purchased a vehicle with the loan from Shared Interest.

Fanteakwa has extensive plans going forward including:

  • Fish farming as an alternative livelihood for farmers.
  • Establishment of a bakery for the female members as an alternative income.
  • Bee-keeping project with the primary societies.
  • Building an office for the Union together with input storage facility.

Mark continued: “Over the past year, we have been able to increase production, which has resulted in higher premium for us. The loan has contributed to motivating our youth by giving them a lucrative activity to do. More people between the ages of 18 and 40 are now getting involved in cocoa farming, thanks to the farm expansion project being financed by Shared Interest. New farms have been created and more trees planted than ever before in the history of the Union.

“I find that the loan has also fostered a sense of belongingness in our members; hence the growth of our membership.

“Our young members are now more aware that there is a future in agriculture and that they don’t need to migrate to urban areas in search of employment opportunities because those opportunities are available right here.”

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