Increase producers’ access to finance

Shared Interest is one of a number of social lenders. We aim to remain a trusted and respected provider of ethical
finance, with a particular emphasis on working with some of the more vulnerable groups whom other lenders are less
keen to support. Therefore, a large proportion of our lending is unsecured as many producers do not have assets to use as security, or they are unable to provide ownership documentation for their land due to some countries having no land registration system.

We lend in two ways: directly to fair trade producer groups (producer lending), and to fair trade wholesale or retail
businesses (buyer lending). 

Payments for coffee and cocoa represent 62% of the total made this year. Payments for handcrafts represent 8%, a
decrease from last year’s 11%. We continue to strengthen our direct relationship with producers and the value of funds lent directly to them increased from 63% to 66%.  

When managing our lending, we split the portfolio into three regions; Africa, Latin America and Northern Hemisphere
and Pacific Rim (NHPR). We have a total of 207 customers, equalling 175 producer groups and 32 buyers.

You can download the Appendix for Aim 1 using the links below:

1. Directors Report and Accounts for the Society

2. Shared Interest Foundation Accounts

3. Description of Lending Products

4. Explanation of our Country Lending Risk and Analysis of Producer Lending

5. The Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) State of the Sector Report 2018

6. USAID-CSAF Financial Benchmarking Final Learning Report July 2018

7. Human Development Report

8. Social Impact Survey for M&E purposes

9. Longitudinal Study ~ Bomarts

10. Building Sustainable Futures for the Handcraft Sector in Rwanda: End of Year 2 Report

11. The Marr-Munning Trust Grant Monitoring Form

12. Comic Relief 6 Month Update Report: SWIFT

13. List of our Partners                   

You can view the full version of our Impact Report here. 

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