Diversification of our lending

The types of products our lending supports have continued to diversify and this has helped us reach more producers.
Our lending against coffee reduced from 40% in 2017 to 38% in 2018, whilst lending to cocoa increased from 20% in
2017 to 21% in 2018. Coffee remains our largest exposure, mainly due to the scale of Fairtrade coffee production with
more than half of all fair trade producers growing this commodity. We manage our risk in coffee lending and other commodities by having sight of buyer contracts.

Handcraft and textile products continue to have an important place in our lending, with 10% of lending going to these producers. We believe our lending is important to these groups because the majority of other social lenders do not offer financing to this sector. The chart below shows the split of lending for different types of products as a percentage of our approved lending.

You can download the Appendix for Aim 1 using the links below:

1. Directors Report and Accounts for the Society

2. Shared Interest Foundation Accounts

3. Description of Lending Products

4. Explanation of our Country Lending Risk and Analysis of Producer Lending

5. The Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) State of the Sector Report 2018

6. USAID-CSAF Financial Benchmarking Final Learning Report July 2018

7. Human Development Report

8. Social Impact Survey for M&E purposes

9. Longitudinal Study ~ Bomarts

10. Building Sustainable Futures for the Handcraft Sector in Rwanda: End of Year 2 Report

11. The Marr-Munning Trust Grant Monitoring Form

12. Comic Relief 6 Month Update Report: SWIFT

13. List of our Partners         

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