Our communication

We build a human connection with supporters using photography and case studies. Two photography shoots were commissioned this year; both in Africa. The resulting images were used in online and printed publications. For photoshoots outside the UK, we use either in-country photographers, or photographers who are already visiting the country in question, in order to
support local talent and reduce our carbon footprint. The final aim of our communications strategy is to build loyalty in Shared Interest and we are very proud of the retention level of members. 

We have a suite of materials to introduce Shared Interest to a new audience, and also explain to members how their investment is making a difference. This year we refreshed the design of our Enquiry Pack and Investor Pack following the introduction of new GDPR legislation. We also created a digital version of the Investor Pack for new members opening Share Accounts online. This will allow us to significantly cut down on paper usage as well as save on print costs        

You can download the Appendix for Aim 2 using the links below:

14. SDG Partner Survey Report

15. Volunteer Survey Report

16. Volunteer Roles

17. Volunteer Map

18. Membership Survey Summary

Read the full report here. 

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