Valuing our volunteers

In response to feedback in last year’s volunteer survey, we established two short-term working groups to involve volunteers in identifying potential solutions. We have introduced a tool for ambassadors and community supporters to share their experiences. We are also working to develop a resource to support these volunteers finding opportunities with particular audiences.  

We held three volunteer meet ups this year in Leeds,
London and Bristol. Twenty volunteers attended these
events and discussions covered GDPR, our Strategic
Review, local events, generating opportunities and
communications and networking.

In addition, we gathered a small number of short case
studies for Volunteer’s Week through which we asked
volunteers to tell us what motivates them to volunteer
with us and what they enjoy about being involved.

You can download the Appendix for Aim 2 using the links below:

14. SDG Partner Survey Report

15. Volunteer Survey Report

16. Volunteer Roles

17. Volunteer Map

18. Membership Survey Summary

You can view the full version of our Impact Report here. 

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