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Valuing our volunteers

We continue to adapt our volunteering strategy to harness evolving motivations and needs. This year brought a growing consensus that people are engaging differently as volunteers. The more traditional volunteer, typically involved in high levels of time and commitment to a cause and an organisation, is declining and a transient volunteer is emerging. This new ‘episodic’ volunteer is more likely to commit to a task on one specific occasion.

In response to this changing volunteer landscape, we have developed a variety of different roles to include more timebound and skill-specific opportunities. This includes the recruitment of Event Assistants. While recruitment and training for these roles is comprehensive, we hope to inspire some of those involved in one-off roles to return as volunteers in other longer-term roles. In addition, we are successfully encouraging more informal microvolunteering from members and supporters. For example, this term is used to describe activities such as leaflet dispensing, social media engagement or promotion of our speaker network. We are also looking to recruit volunteers in activities beyond investment raising such as data entry and translation.

We aim to inspire, motivate and empower our volunteers in their roles, and encourage their self-development. This year we reviewed our volunteer induction process to reflect this, helping us to identify any training needs at the start of their journey with us.    

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