Encourage staff talent and commitment in an environment of mutual respect

Training: There has been an increase in training costs this year. This is due to an increase in the number of professional training courses, which are more expensive. We also carried out training with all colleagues in safeguarding, preparation for GDPR and held team building events for individual teams, including overseas. 

Benefits and salaryShared Interest aims to provide the team with job satisfaction by offering interesting and varied work combined with a range of flexible benefits. 

Communication: This year, the Member Engagement Team carried out a second internal communications survey. The intention of the survey focused on communication within teams in the organisation, and aimed to build on the 2017 survey results and improvements.  

Culture: Last year, we developed a ‘Culture Card’, a pocket-sized foldout booklet, which sought to remind staff of the ethos we aim to achieve. This year, we have sent timely emails to staff, celebrating national and international public and cultural holidays and the history behind these.  

Engagement survey: We carry out a staff engagement survey annually, using the same People Gauge online survey.
This enables us to compare results. This year showed that 32% of staff are actively engaged (24% last year), 65% engaged (73% last year) and the remaining 3% actively disengaged (3% last year). 

You can download the Appendix for Aim 3 using the links below:

19. Budgetary control, financial reporting and authorisation

20. Our approach to procurement

21. Green Policy

22. Internal Communication Report

23. Compliance with statutory and voluntary codes

24. Organisational chart

25. Social Audit Network key aspects checklist

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