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Crafting a Better Future for Orphaned Children

Last year alone, over 500 organisations benefited from Shared Interest Foundation support.  Thanks to Comic Relief, the international development charity has continued to work in partnership with Swaziland International Fair Trade (SWIFT) to help groups like Khutsala Artisans.

All Khutsala Artisans profits go to the care and education of orphaned or abandoned babies in Swaziland.

“It is our desire is to provide hope through beauty, design and excellence, while helping the people of this nation break the cycle of poverty and provide for their families.”

So what does the year ahead hold for Shared Interest Foundation?  In partnership with the Malawi Fairtrade Network (MFTN), the charity is working with 16,000 Fairtrade tea farmers to increase their income.  

They will also help over 20,000 groundnut farmers and over 400 macadamia farmers to sell their products via the fair trade market.  Over half of the farmers involved are female, and work alongside their husbands.  This means that any drop in sales affects the entire household income. 

Shared Interest Foundation believes that everyone deserves the chance to provide for themselves and their family.  You can find out more about their work here, or by calling 0191 233 9102 or email:

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