East Africa Governance and Finance Project

East Africa Governance and Finance Project

In May 2018 we launched our East Africa Governance and Finance Training project. This two year project will support 20 producer organisations across Kenya and Uganda to increase their productivity, sustainability and capacity to access finance. Through group training sessions and 1-2-1 mentoring we will address the individual issues facing each organisation. Topics covered include Board roles and responsibilities, the local operating environment and risk management. By the end of this project we aim to achieve the following objectives;

  1. To improve the financial knowledge, understanding and capacity of 20 targeted co-operatives in East Africa
  2. To improve the governance structures of these co-operatives
  3. To enable member co-operatives to access loan finance

Johnson Mujuri, Bundikakemba Growers Co-operative, Board Secretary

“The training was very relevant. I expected that I knew much but during the training I realised that I knew little. I am going to take back what I have learnt and use this knowledge to make our co-operative stronger!”

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