Bees for business


In September 2018 we launched our Bees for Business project which will support 50 women in rural Burkina Faso to become beekeepers and produce honey giving them a year-round, sustainable source of income and enable them to better meet the livelihood needs of their family.

To deliver this project we are working in partnership with Plateforme Nationale du Commerce Équitable du Burkina (the country network for fair trade organisations).

This project will increase the capacity of the Benkadi de Dakoro group, a group of 25 female beekeepers based in the Léraba region of southern Burkina Faso. This group use traditional beekeeping methods to produce honey which significantly impairs both the quantity produced and its quality, lowering its market value. The women earn on average £40 per year each leaving them unable to support themselves and provide the basics for their family including food, primary healthcare and education.

Together with PNCEB we will increase the size of this group to 50, providing a further 25 women with the opportunity to develop a sustainable business and provide for their family. The group will receive 250 modern beehives, protective gear and training in modern beekeeping techniques and business management. This will enable them to significantly increase their production and the quality of the honey and increase their annual income to approximately £300 enabling them to better meet the needs of their family and work their way out of extreme poverty.

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